Reading Attitude of Students of a Middle School and Effects of a Two-year In-class Reading Intervention on Them


  • Chencho Wangchuk Royal University of Bhutan
  • Choney Zangmo Ministry of Education


: Reading attitude, Bhutanese students’ attitudes towards reading, impacts of reading


This study investigated the attitude of the students of a middle school towards reading and examined the effects of a two-year in-class reading program on them. Adopting a mixed-method research design, this study involved a class of students of a middle school in Bhutan. Data were collected by means of Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS) and semi-structured interviews. While the ERAS revealed positive attitude towards reading, there was not statistically significant relationship between gender and attitude towards reading. The qualitative data revealed four positive effects of the two-year in class reading on them, however. The two-year in-class reading has seemingly improved participants’ speaking and writing skills, enhanced their learning of subjects studied in English, broadened their minds, and assisted their character and personality developments. These findings strongly suggest teachers and parents to institute reading programs both at schools and at homes so that the reading habits contribute to learning of academic subjects and their academic achievements. The habit also expects acceleration of acquisition of English language skills, both productive and receptive skills.

Author Biographies

Chencho Wangchuk, Royal University of Bhutan

Chencho Wangchuk is a lecturer at Gedu College of Business Studies, Royal University of Bhutan. He has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Mahidol University, Thailand. Currently, he teaches English as a second language and academic skills to undergraduates. His research interests are in applied linguistics, education and social sciences.

Choney Zangmo, Ministry of Education

Choney Zangmo is a teacher at Gedu Higher Secondary School, Ministry of Education. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in English from Sherubtse College and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Samtse College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan. She teaches English as a second language to high school students.




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