Authors retain copyright to their writings. However, when an article has been submitted to the Bhutan Journal of Research and Development for consideration, the Journal holds first serial (periodical) publication rights. Additionally, the society has the right to post the article on the Internet and make it available in any forms.

The material must not appear anywhere else (including on an Internet website) until it has been published by the Journal (or rejected for publication). After publication in the Journal, authors may use the material as they wish but should make appropriate reference to the prior publication in the Journal; for example: “This paper (material) first appeared in the Bhutan Journal of Research and Development, vol... no... pp..., under the title ”......’’, published by the Institute for Gross National Happiness (iGNHaS) of Department of Research and External Relations of the Royal University of Bhutan.

In case of the original material registered under Creative Common License authors should refer to the appropriate attribution and notify BJRD regarding the same.