The Interrelationship Between Environment and Human Rights: An Overview on Legal Context


  • Kudrat-E- Khuda Daffodil International University


Environment; Human Rights; Environment Protection; Human Health, Pollution


Every year more than two million people met the tragic end of their lives across the world for different causes. Thousands of individuals suffer from pollutionrelated illnesses. Ecosystems, for water scarcity, improper management of natural disasters, and disposal of toxic and hazardous products are degrading across the world due to environmental pollution. Climate change has an adverse impact on human health. These facts indicate that environmental and human-rights are closely related. The UN attempts to tackle environmental issues-the Stockholm and Rio Declaration--illustrate the importance of the link between human rights and dignity, and the environment. Already 69 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been passed but human rights are till facing serious crisis. This crisis impacts on environment and human right to the environment. The article aims to focus the environmental concerns in human rights discourse; to explore the relationship between human rights and environmental rights in light of the worsening global environmental situation, and to encourage the excellent practices pertaining to implementation of human rights obligations and responsibilities for informing and strengthening the development of overall environmental issues. The article makes use of secondary data i.e. books, articles, different national and international law reports.

Author Biography

Kudrat-E- Khuda , Daffodil International University

Kudrat-E-Khuda (Babu) is an Associate Professor of Law at Daffodil International University, Bangladesh. He is also an Associate Member at Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement, University of Cambridge (UK); international member at Amnesty International; a climate activist at Greenpeace International, and a columnist. He is the former Visiting Professor at the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna. He participated in different international conferences, seminars, and workshops including Germany, Singapore, India, Nepal, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc. He published articles and book reviews in different journals including the journals of Oxford University and Cambridge University Press. He published the book ‘Company Law with Bangladesh Context’ from Germany and the book ‘Know the Law-Obey the Law’ from Bangladesh. He
is the Editorial Board Member of nine Peer-reviewed and Scopus Indexed journals published from Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, the UK, and the USA.




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