The Effects of Untreated Textile Effluents on Groundwater near Kodda Gazipur Industrial Area in Bangladesh


  • Faisal Fahad Rio North South University.
  • Nadim Reza Khandaker North South University
  • Sadman Ahmed North South University



Groundwater Contamination, Textile Effluents, Statistical Analysis, GIS Analysis


As a part of rapid expansion in the economy our RMG and textile industries are increasing at a high rate, but due to lacks in our environmental law and regulation, proper disposal of wastewater still remains questionable. Many factories still didn't implement ETPs many factories occupied ETPs but the use of it on regular basis is still dubious. So, it's pretty much hard to guess our groundwater is still safe from contamination. We select two zones one is effected zone and another was non-effected zone and compare their salt concentration and TDS level where the salt concentration is our decision parameter. As most of the textile dyes have a proportional relationship with the Salt level. We selected Kodda Gazipur is our effected zone. We do two-step analysis to make our research done first we do a GIS analysis to illustrate the spatial variation of TDS and Salt concentration for both affected and non-effected zones. Then we do statistical analysis to find out our hypothesis is statistically significant or not. As a result, we found a surprising outcome t(11) = 2.171, p = .053 which means the relationship between textile effluents and groundwater are statistically insignificant.

Author Biographies

Faisal Fahad Rio, North South University.

Faisal Fahad Rio is currently working as a lab instructor and a research assistant in North South University. He obtained his bachelor in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a distinction of Magna Cum Laude. He is a regular participant of various scientific conference as a speaker, and also contributed himself as a co-author in a book entitled “Acetogenesis: A Novel Energy Efficient Operation of Textile Effluents Treatment Plants (ETPS)” ISBN: 978- 984-34-6645-7.

Nadim Reza Khandaker, North South University

Nadim Reza Khandaker Ph.D., P.Eng Associate Professor North South University, Bangladesh. He has over thirty years of experience on development of water, wastewater and renewable energy technology. He obtained three US patents in water treatment. Author of over 75 publications in water and wastewater treatment. Many times featured as a Technical Expert on television and in journals and newspapers. He also served as Technical Advisor to international agencies and companies on issues related to water and wastewater treatment.

Sadman Ahmed, North South University

Sadman Ahmed currently working on a private construction firm. He completed his bachelor's in Civil and Environmental Engineering from North South University Bangladesh in the year 2019.




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Rio, F. F., Khandaker, N. R. ., & Ahmed, S. . (2022). The Effects of Untreated Textile Effluents on Groundwater near Kodda Gazipur Industrial Area in Bangladesh. Bhutan Journal of Research and Development.